Mice Available through INIAstress

The lines currently available are:

1. NR2Bfloxed mice
2. CAMKIIa-tTA x phCMV-tetO-CRE x NR2Bfloxed mice
3. CRFR1floxed mice
4. CAMKIIa-tTA x phCMV-tetO-CRE x CRFR1floxed mice
5. 5HTA1floxed mice
6. CAMKIIa-tTA x phCMV-tetO-CRE x 5HTA1floxed mice
7. NPY2rfloxed mice
8. CAMKIIa-tTA x phCMV-tetO-CRE x NPY2rfloxed mice
9. Cnr1floxed mice
10. CAMKIIa-tTA mice
11. CAMKIIa-rtTA mice
12. phCMV-tetO-CRE mice

Instructions for Requesting Mice:

Investigators interested in obtaining INIA mice should download, complete, and submit the “INIAstress Petition for Mice.docx” (download via link below).
Once the INIA steering committee has reviewed the petition, the investigator will be notified of their decision.
If a petition is approved the Investigator will then be contacted by Eric Delpire (Vanderbilt) to obtain the following information which is needed for shipment:
- Number of breeding pairs or trios.
- Name, Address, e-mail of Attending Veterinarian.
- Name, Address, e-mail of shipping coordinator (if applicable)
- Shipping Address of the Animal Facility

Once health status and shipment agreements between the two institutions have been reached, the mice will be shipped. For 1-2 breeding pairs or trios, mice will be ready to ship as soon as the shipment has been approved. For larger shipments, additional time might be necessary to produce the requested number of animals.